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Serving Our Customers

Pursers Office easy to use, anytime, from any device, our payroll solutions provide real-time processing for our clients. Once our client completes their payroll, their reports are ready. Eliminate time consuming importing and exporting files- no syncing - no hassle.

Business Services

Make Payroll Simple

  • Enables our clients to deliver a broad spectrum of payroll.
  • Human resource and workforce management tools.
  • Increase your operating efficiency
  • Boost your firms revenue by offering a broader suite of payroll services. 

Payroll Solutions Platform

  • Improved customer service
  • Pursers easy to use anytime from any device.
  • Real time pre-processing and processing  once a our clients complete their payroll, the checks and reports are ready. 

Employee Self Service

  • Employees can view important information in real time.
  • Your employees have access to a full suite of online tools including employee information, pay stubs, W2's, forms,documents, benefit statements and time off requests.